A full range of high potential machines,
for the processing of Dairy & Cheese Products

Welcome to the webpage of the company UDMACHINES, which is, successfully, active in the sector of machines for the processing of milk and cheese products, with clients in Greece and abroad.


Our company innovates in the sector of food industry equipment, providing high-end machines, which meet the requirements of ergonomic design and safety. 


With more than 27 years of experience in the processing of dairy products - and a center in Greece and Germany - at UDMACHINES we are able to advise you about the proper machine that your business needs.


Take advantage of our specialization, expertise and long-standing experience and seek in our company the appropriate machines for the processing of milk and cheese products.



In more detail, at UDMACHINES you will find: 

  • Pasteurizers for fresh milk
  • Pasteurizers for long-life milk
  • Pasteurizers for cheese making milk
  • Cheese production lines (for feta cheese)
  • Yogurt pasteurizers
  • Milk separators
  • Milk and juice homogenizers
  • Milk pumps
  • Milk cooling tanks
  • Mozzarella processing and packaging machines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Milk and juice filling machines
  • Cup filling and capping machines
  • Dosing machines, Pasteurizers, Boilers, etc.

We undertake 

the full equipment of cheese factories
and milk & yogurt factories.


We provide new & used equipment
for dairy & food industries.

At UDMACHINES we are always looking for new partners and clients 

who will give us the chance for new, successful business relationships and partnerships. 

Thank you for visiting the webpage and for expressing your interest in machines for the processing of milk and cheese products provided by our company and in the services we provide.


Please, contact us for any question or clarification.